Non Violent Resistance Programme

10 Week Non Violent Resistance
"New authority" Parenting Course

Non Violent Resistance Issues for Parenting

Are you ready to commit to a 10-week Non Violent Resistance Programme?

Are you the target for aggressive and violent outbursts from you child?

Do you engage in escalating arguments with your child?

Are you afraid of your child?

Do you feel like you are walking on eggshells in your home?

Does your child damage property?

Is your child refusing to go to school?

Does he/she threaten suicide or self-harm?

Are all the other members of the family suffering?

Are you subjected to emotional, physical, verbal and financial abuse?

Do you and your husband/partner disagree on how to manage the situations?

Are you at your wits end trying to manage things?

Are you feeling helpless and alone?

Has your child an ASD or ADD/ADHD diagnosis that complicates matters?

Has your child a disability including an intellectual impairment?

Have you an adult child that engages in behaviours that challenge you in the home?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? Then successful completion of our Non Violent

Resistance programme will be of enormous benefit to you and your family. 

The next Online Non-Violent Resistance programme starts 07/09/21

Tuesdays evenings 7.30-9p.m.

10 Weeks of 1.5 hours commitment required. 

Online via Zoom

Each course participant will receive a programme workbook by email.


Costs €500 for 10 sessions plus an invitation to 2 follow-up group booster sessions. 

There is a €100 Early Bird Discount Code EARLYBIRDNVR  if booked on or before the 4/09/2021. 

A payment plan can be facilitated if required

Email info@margaretgilbertlifecoach.com


This programme is suitable for two-parent families, lone parents, co-parenting separated parents, foster carers, guardians.  


The programme is adapted to support the parents of children with neurodiversity as required.  


For more information:

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This will be a 30 minute no-obligation call between the two of us where we will share information in relation to your current challenges and situation. I will explain the NVR program format and expected benefits and outcomes. Together we can determine if the program would benefit you at this point in time. On deciding to work together you will be informed of upcoming programs, dates and times and you will be invited to  to register

Informational videos on the Non-violent Resistance Parenting programme

10 week Non-Violent Resistance programme (Individual families).

    Online via Zoom

1.5 hours per week

2 follow-up booster sessions post programme. 

 Workbook (will be emailed)  

Cost (includes both parents & supporter as relevant to family context)

Next steps

Book a free 30 minute more information call on the link below


Purchase an NVR Individualised Programme Voucher

and you will receive an email with a link allowing you to book appointments at times that suit you. 

Together we will:

Programme outcomes:

What other parents have said about the Non violent resistance course:

We don’t have a Hollywood home, all smiles and laughing all the time…But I am not afraid anymore, I know I can deal with this and we’re getting on OK”                                                                                         Although it does take practice, parents tell us they manage to develop a new habit to “press the pause button” and not respond to their son or daughter’s violence or threats of violence in the same way as they had before.       

                                                       Many parents remark that their changes in how they respond to their child seems to lead to welcome changes in the frequency and intensity of their son or daughter’s aggressive and violent behaviour”.  

                                                          Parents often refer back to their feelings of optimism and hope created during the first session when the programme was outlined: they talk about feeling encouraged by an approach which re-assured parents that while their child’s violence was not their fault, there was something concrete they could do (the elements of the Non Violent Resistance Programme described in this handbook) and that they would have the  support of the practitioner throughout the Programme and of the support network. Parents are often encouraged to hear that the programme is a structured and brief intervention, lasting up to ten sessions, and involves parents in a respectful way”                                                                                     NVR Program Handbook

You are not alone.

“Once unheard of, parents are increasingly reporting violent attacks on them by their children, an urgent issue, say child experts”.

 “We know from the research – that this is happening around the world, that it’s both boys and girls who are targeting mothers, fathers, grandparents, foster parents, adoptive parents,”. Studies show it is primarily women who are targeted, because it is mothers who engage in much of the parenting contact in families”. Parents feel alone and without support. They live in fear of the child, with cycles of escalation during conflict which can end up with abuse or intimidation.”

Last year, however, Rita O’Reilly CEO Child-Line reports, child aggression directed at parents came first in a study carried out by Parent line into the top 10 reasons for calls to its helpline. “This was anger and aggression in children, generally from about 11 and 12 years of age and upwards to adult children in their early 20s, but most typically from children in their mid-teens. These are shocking figures. Parents are saying ‘my child is shouting at me’, and ‘my child will not go to school unless I give him or her money’.

“Children are demanding, shouting terrible things, name-calling and not behaving as part of the family,” she reported, adding that the organisation has had reports about this type of abuse from parents “across the social spectrum” Child Line CEO, Rita O’Reilly 2020: cited by Áilín Quinlan 

Dr Declan Coogan, who introduced the NVR program  to Ireland in 2007 states “We began to hear parents saying they were afraid of their children,” he recalls, adding that the children involved were generally aged 12 and upwards, although research has highlighted cases of parents being afraid of children as young as eight. “We hadn’t come across this before. We began to see situations where some children were calling their parents’ names, threatening to harm parents, damaging property in the home or refusing to go to school. Parents were at their wits’ end. Usually, we’d look at things like addiction, depression or historic issues, but this is not the case in many of these families.”

The perceived shame and stigma around the problem often meant parents were reluctant to speak out about it, says Coogan, who last year published a book about the issue, Child to Parent Violence and Abuse – Family Intervention with Non Violent Resistance.

Coogan D. cited by Quinlan A. The Irish                     Times: 2020.