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MARGARET GILBERT Parent and Adolescent coach

About Margaret Gilbert

Margaret works with parents, families, and adolescents 16+, online and in person, all over the world empowering them in their daily lives and in their parenting journey. Building on competencies and strengths to improve, quality of life for individuals and families. 

Margaret is an experienced Family Support Worker, Further Education Teacher and Home Tuition Tutor (ASD) with 24 years’ experience working with individuals, families, young adults and learners. She has worked in a in a diverse range of settings including Education as an SNA & Home Tuition Tutor, Disability (Kerry Autism Services), Social (Family Support Team-Social Work Department, HSE), Community 


  • PGCert in Professional Studies in Education
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • Diploma In Life coaching
  • Train the Trainer (Level 6)
  • Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) trained (Level 2).
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Parent and Adolescent Coaching

We can support you

Wherever you happen to be in life, Parent and Adolescent Coach techniques are invaluable. We have life-changing, coaching sessions and packages to help and support you. Improving the quality of life for parent, children, adolescents, and families.          

New Authority Approach to Parenting

Roots and Wings Approach

A place to call home & the wings to live independent lives.

A Strengths-based approach to raising competent, capable, independent, and resilient children.  Supporting them to maximize their individual potential and capacities.

My approach is focused on:

  • Respectful and meaningful communication that nourishes and fosters the parent-child relationship.

  • Strategies for promoting mental health and wellbeing of the child, young adult and parents.

  • All programmes and strategies are adapted as required to accommodate neurodiversity. 

 Core parenting strategies:


  1. Meaningful engagement.

  2. Active listening.

  3. Powerful questions

  4. Specific praise and encouragement.

  5. Boundaries.

  6. The power of choices.

  7. Experiential learning- Consequences

  8. Emotional Regulation

  9. Resisting escalating arguments

  10. Health, well-being & self-care 

  11. Parenting children with anxiety



Margaret has been invaluable to us in helping our son and us on our ASD journey as a family. Margaret is highly qualified, highly skilled and highly experienced in ASD. Margaret has helped us find his voice through PECS, visual aids and schedules and helped us overcome behavioural issues through different strategies and techniques so we can better communicate and function as a family together. Margaret has been tremendous support in identifying our son’s learning style, his key motivators and interests and has been invaluable support to his teachers and assessors in determining his cognitive ability. Margaret will work with your therapists reports in putting a teaching programme in place, so her sessions are multidisciplinary incorporating, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language, Music, Life skills, Learning etc. Our son absolutely adores Margaret which is testimony enough, she brings out the best in him, and we cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for him, for us, for our family and we hope she will continue to help us on our ASD journey for many years to come.
Suzanne O'Halloran
Margaret taught me the value in myself and the value in putting myself first. I learned about my emotions and how they affect me, my relationships and outlook. Through learning so much about myself I learned to better myself in relationships of all types. Margaret is knowledgeable and on what she talks about but also completely relatable and down to earth.
Chloe Neenan
Margaret you worked with our little superhero Cathal here in our home. can I say personally you are a credit to your profession. Your passion & knowledge is remarkable. not only have you helped our son to learn skills but also helped us parents to find strategies to benefit not only our son but as a family.
Hannah and Tom McCarthy
Margaret has become part of our family support system over the past two years. We look forward to her weekly visits to with out son (ASD) Her professional and caring approach to working with him has enabled him to achieve a wide range of skills. By supporting us as a whole family she has enabled us to learn skills that we need to help him in his daily life. The support is invaluable to us. Her individualised approach delivers the utmost patience and care is helping him achieve his full potential.
Sandra O’Flaherty
Margaret is a positive person who brings out the best in those around her. She challenges me to be my best self by being there in a supportive open non-judgmental way. I come away from every encounter with a smile on my face. I am always amazed at her sheer determination and positive attitude no matter what the circumstances whether it be recovering from injury or an extreme adventure challenge. I’m delighted to see Margaret is life coach as this fit with her natural skill sets of being able to motivate those around her to be the best they can be.
Hazel Wharton
I will be forever grateful to margaret for the support and coaching given to me at a time in my life I was making big changes. Margaret empowered me with the skills necessary to move forward with my life. I use these skills daily, both at home and at work.
Rosemarie Brown

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