Living with an angry 8-year old, an angry 10-year old, or even an angry teenager?

Angry children:

Living with an angry 8-year old, an angry 10-year old, or even an angry teenager? When you face school refusal, verbal aggression, and abuse early in the morning from your
angry 10-year-old or your angry 12-year-old or your angry teenager, it is hard. A bad start to
the day. Even if you get them to school that day the angry outbursts that ensue after school can be

Are you the target of angry outbursts in response to normal parenting inputs and
requests such as asking what do you want for the dinner, cannot stop them going out in the evening,
waiting never knowing what mood they will return in or even if they will even return? Do you find yourself
sneaking around the house avoiding the sitting room as there would be too much “aggro” if you were
to go in there after all it is highly likely to evoke another outburst? To go near your child’s bedroom?

Normal parenting strageties doent work: “they just don’t care”. The every day parenting strategies such as choices and consequences and special time with children don’t work

Escalating arguments:

Are you getting frightened not really recognizing and liking what you have become in
the heat of the moment? When you get caught up in the escalating arguments that often result in
shouting, cursing name-calling, pushing, and shoving, and even physical hitting and kicking each
other. Feel like you hate your child because the violence and abuse are obscuring the missing positive relationship elements that may have been good or could be good again if fostered?

Are you concerned about ?

The impact of the violence and abuse on the other siblings? Are you afraid to let them alone in one room? Are you unsure about how to speak to your other children about it? Are you sneaking into their bedrooms
when out of the house so you can clean and tidy? Is the fear, of the violence escalating so great if you were to
seek help forcing you to remain silent and struggling to survive every day?

Are you searching for the cause? Is it ASD is it ADHD or is it OCD or oppositional defiance disorder? Let me tell you, a diagnosis
won’t stop the violence and abuse. The behavior is the behavior, and it is unacceptable and there
is a lot you can do to stop it.

Come and work with me on the Non-Violent Resistance Programme and
over the 10 weeks, we will work on an evidence-based intervention1.reduce the violence and aggressive behaviour 2.. repair the relationship with your child 3. improve the quality of life for all the family. NVR is an extremely effective programme and it can be adapted to accommodate for ASD, ADHD/ADD/ID

Hain Omer is the founder of NVR (non-violent resistance), as an approach to parents, schools, and communities. Hain has published many books on the subject and can be purchased from Amazone for further reading and insights into the approach which is hailed thew New Authority Parenting. Declan Coogan & Eileen Lauster were responsible for adapting the program for NVR Ireland Declan Coogan also published a book on the subject: Child to Parent Violence and Abuse: Family Interventions with Non-Violent Resistance

Margaret Gilbert 10/06/2021